Friday, October 23, 2015

Top 10

Elephant Gifts for Elephant Lovers

Who doesn't love elephants?  Humans feel connected to them because they form family bonds similar to ours.  They are intelligent, empathetic creatures.  Historically, these gentle giants have been symbols of good luck.  We have put together our top ten elephant gifts that will definitely bring a smile to your face and maybe even bless you with good fortune!   

The rest of the babies will fall in line behind your little leader in this adorable embroidered organic onesie.  Shown here with blue ears, it is also available in pink. 
$26.00 available at 

2.  Elephant Coffee Mug
Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee with a splash of good fortune!  Some say that an image or statue of an elephant with his trunk up is the most likely to bring you good luck, so we think starting the day with this elephant mug is the way to go.  Maybe it would make a nice gift for that co-worker who could use a little pick-me-up as well.
$20.00 available at

These one-of-a-kind t shirts are just too cool!  Each one is painted by a domesticated elephant and brings awareness to the plight of elephants around the world while reminding us of the intelligence and amazing abilities of these gentle giants.

$80.00 available at

4.  Elephant Bamboo Clock

We like this elephant clock because of its subtletyNatural and eco-friendly bamboo are an obvious choice for a stylish and modern home, while its laser cut design brings joy to the elephant lover in us.

available at

We LOVE the softness of adorable baby feet and we love elephants.  With these hand felted wool baby booties we can have both!  Oh, and they give back to orphaned elephants!  Can't get much better than that!

$25.00 available at

These delicate and fun dangling earrings are the perfect gift for the elephant lover in your life! Handmade by skilled Fair Trade artisans, these earrings are intricately etched and the swinging trunks will be constant and gentle reminders of the baby elephants that each purchase protects!   
                                $35.00 available at

OK, another "two loves in one" gift over here.  Wine and elephants.  I never knew they were such a winning combination, but one sip out of these stunning goblets and I was sold.  They are handmade in Africa and each features a pewter animal, plus a portion of the proceeds goes back to animals in need.  Now how to decide if I want to drink out of the lion glass or the elephant...Decisions, decisions...

                                        $110 available at

Imagine the stories you will come up with with this clever puppet/lovie blankie.  The legs and trunk have holes so you can animate the fun elephant as he tromps through forests with her mom and the rest of her herd.  When story time is over baby will totally fall right to sleep thanks to this soft, organic security blanket.  Haha!  Kidding.  But wouldn't that be amazing if it was true?

  $33 available at

9.   Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace

This delicate silver good luck charm will delight anyone who loves elephants and USA made jewelry.  Perfect for a graduation or birthday gift!  
$53 available at

Now this is the ultimate of Elephant Lover gifts - a luxury safari through Africa or a stay at an opulent and stunning lodge at an elephant rehabilitation center.  Walk side by side with elephants and see the natural world in a whole new way.  The vacation and experience of a lifetime!